About us

We're a small, people focused team dedicated to providing a (better) way to connect and share online.

Small tech

We're not interested in chasing venture capital or IPO-sized fortunes — we're proudly people focused.

Privacy by design

We're not interested in selling or harvesting your data. We care about making a service that helps you feel better.

Our story (so far)

Mosslet started with the idea that we wanted our kids to have a simple, privacy-first way to connect and share online — free from the surveillance world of today.

You shouldn't have to be marginalized, harvested, drained, or otherwise rendered less just to get online and connect with others.

You won't find any dark patterns or addictive algorithms here. Mosslet is calm, simple, and made for you. We're currently in beta so if you have a question, thought, or issue, simply reach out to us anytime at support@mosslet.com (we actually want to hear from you).

Our investors are our customers and our commitment is to protecting privacy and keeping it simple, always. We deserve better than what Big Tech gives us (not to mention what Big Tech takes).

By supporting us and being a customer, you're taking a step toward a shared vision of the internet that aligns with ours: free from the surveillance and addiction of Big Tech, based on trust and privacy, without giving up your ability to connect and share.

Isabella, Mark, Ryan & John