About us

We're a small, people focused team dedicated to providing a (better) way to connect and share online.

Small tech

We're not interested in chasing venture capital or IPO-sized fortunes — we're proudly people focused.

Privacy by design

We're not interested in selling or harvesting your data. We care about making a service that helps you feel better.

Our story (so far)

Mosslet started with Mark and is supported by parent company Moss Piglet Corporation (co-founded by Mark, Ryan, and John Thayer), with the goal to provide an uncompromisingly simple way to connect and share online — free from the surveillance world of today.

We felt that you shouldn't have to be marginalized, harvested, drained, or otherwise rendered less just to get online and connect with others.

We also wanted Mosslet to be available to anyone regardless of their financial situation, so there will always be a free account tier, supported by our paying accounts — in the true spirit of community and privacy for all.

It's been a transformative experience pushing back against big tech and we've got lots more in store, so we hope you join us on this road to a better (online) life.

Mark, Ryan, & John