A social alternative that's simple and privacy-first

Ditch intrusive and stressful Big Tech social platforms for Mosslet — a better alternative to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that's simple and privacy-first. Experience peace of mind.

Everything you want to share

With privacy you need.

Easily share with people in your life in real-time without thinking twice. Zero dark patterns means you can say goodbye to digital addiction and the anxiety of wondering how your life on the web affects your life outside. Mosslet is simple and privacy-first.

Distributed cloud.
Memories and other multimedia are stored on a private, encrypted, and distributed cloud network spread across the world. If Amazon and Facebook go down, your data and your ability to continue sharing and connecting on Mosslet stays up.
Asymmetric encryption.
Strong public-key cryptography with a password-derived key keeps your data private to you. Only your password can unlock your account, its data, and enable you to share with others.
Groups, Memories and Posts.
Make Groups to chat live, store photos for yourself or share with others in Memories, and express your thoughts with Posts — always in real-time with the privacy you need. All images are checked for safety against a fine-tuned, pre-trained AI model running on our private servers before being uploaded.
Private database.
Our databases are on a closed, private network protected with the secure WireGuard protocol. All data is encrypted twice (on top of its asymmetric encryption) before being stored at-rest, increasing its safety against malicious actors.

People are ready for change.

After decades of the status quo, people are excited to take back their lives.

    • I'm done with Facebook. I'd like a place where I own the data and that is generally positive vs. all the negativity that gets put into my feed at Facebook.

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    • I like the idea of being able to share stories about the grandchildren in our family with other parents and grandparents. I also appreciate a venue for sharing adventures with my friends without someone I don't know having access to my activities and whereabouts.

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    • Because it’s amazing ✨

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    • Tired of being profiled everywhere, would love to experience something that aint harvesting me.

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    • It sounds like my favorite book series Animorphs.

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    • I hate what the internet has become , but I'm dreamer, so I hope we will have a bright future. And I do believe in this kind of initiative. Perhaps I'm not the right person to receive an invitation, because I'm not active on social media, but I want you to know that you have my full support in this initiative.

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    • Support a healthier digital ecosystem.

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Straight foward, simplified pricing

Simple, privacy-first features for you, the team, and your family.


$15 /month

Start your 30-day free trial today and share what you want with the privacy you need.

  • Unlimited Groups, Memories, and Posts
  • Unlimited new features
  • Streamlined settings
  • Own your data
  • Advanced asymmetric encryption
  • Email support
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Coming soon — a plan that supports your growing business or family.

  • Priority support
  • Multiple accounts
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Mosslet vs Big Tech

A better social alternative

Tired of feeling anxious and stressed every time you log in?

Unlike Facebook and other Big Tech platforms, Mosslet protects your privacy, is easier to use, and doesn't secretly control you.

Back to basics, please
Mosslet gives you the basics for connecting and sharing online without any complicated extras. Get together and live chat? Check. Share thoughts and photos in real time? Check. Two factor authentication? Check. Straightforward account settings? Check. Delete my account and everything instantly? Check. Privacy-first and secure? Check.
Goodbye identity graphs
Meta, Google, and Amazon have created and refined comprehensive identities on each person as they scroll, search, like, shop, and boop around on their services. These identity graphs evolve each time you use their services, changing the way your life unfolds off screen. On Mosslet, the Post you make or Memory you like is simply just that — gone are the invisible consequences of simply wanting to share.
No dark patterns
Facebook and others design their services to trick and trap you — from disguised ads and difficult-to-cancel subscriptions to buried terms and emotional manipulation. Mosslet has none of that and is designed to make it as simple as possible for you to share what you want and then get off our platform and back to living your life.
Strong safety
No one can interact with you on Mosslet without your permission and you can remove people's ability to interact with you at anytime. Share a Memory or Post with people accidentally? No problem! You can remove it across the entire service in real-time.
Control your own data
Unlike the Big Tech platforms, we don't colonize you and your life. There is no sharing, selling, or otherwise using your data — especially against you. Your data on Mosslet is yours and you can delete it and your account at any time.
No behavioral manipulation
Big Tech uses the data it harvests from you to create products that can be bought by others, with the sole purpose of changing how you think, act, and behave in the real world — from extremism to new-boot-goofin. On Mosslet, you won't be turned into a weapon of mass manipulation. On Mosslet, you control your experience.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok fill your screen with content that keeps your nervous system stressed and your eyes glued to your device. On Mosslet, you get to leave the manufactured stress and anxiety behind. There are no tricks, algorithms, or business decisions designed to profit off of your emotions. On Mosslet, you get to experience calm.
No notifications
Drop the pressure of feeling like you have to respond or interact with someone or something online. With no notifications designed to trigger you to action, you are free to make your own decisions on Mosslet.
Better privacy
On Mosslet, your account starts private unlike Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram. Then you can choose what and who you want to share with. And no one can see your content without you explicitly giving them access, including us. No longer worry about a stranger at a company, malicious individual, or authority looking at or consuming information about you without you knowing.
Asymmetric encryption
Your data on Mosslet is encrypted using strong public-key cryptography and a password-derived key to ensure that only you can access your data. This ensures that no one else can gain access to your data — not even us — while allowing you the ability to share with others. We then further encrypt your data with an extra layer of symmetric encryption when it is stored at-rest in our private and secure database.

Frequently asked questions

Have a different question and can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our support team by sending us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

How do you ensure images are safe?
We currently check all images against an AI model fine-tuned for detecting NSFW images (not safe for work). If an image is deemed NSFW, then it cannot be uploaded. This is not a foolproof system and won't catch everything, but it is a start. Please report to us any images that you feel are harmful in any way at support@mosslet.com.
Does Mosslet use my image or data to train its AI?
Nope! We are using a pre-trained, open source model from the machine learning community. This means it was trained on other image data (~80,000 images). We then run this model on our own private, internal servers — ensuring your data remains private and secure.
What does Mosslet do with my data?
Mosslet uses your data to power your account and its features for you. For example, it is securely and privately stored for you so that you can access your account, update or delete your data, and share it with others.
Does Mosslet share, sell, or otherwise use my data behind my back?
Nope! And we will never do that. Period. Unlike Facebook and Big Tech, there's nothing sneaky here. You pay for our service and we provide you with privacy-first features for a calmer, better life.
How is my data encrypted?
Your personal data is asymmetrically encrypted with a password-derived key, making it so that only you can access and unlock your data. Without your password, no one else can — not even us! We then wrap that encrypted data in an extra layer of symmetric encryption before storing it at rest ("at rest" meaning in the database when you are not using it).
In more detail it looks like this: each person has a (1) password-derived key, (2) public-private key pair, and (3) their private key is encrypted with their password-derived key.
How is my data shared with my friends?
When you share your data with your friends, they receive an encrypted copy of a unique key specific to that piece of data (think a Post or Memory). Their copy is encrypted with their public key so that they can unlock it and thus access the data you shared with them.
This ensures that only the people you choose to share with can access whatever you are sharing. When you delete a friend or stop sharing with them, their access to your data is also removed.
Where is my data stored?
Your data is stored in our secure, private database network that is distributed and run by our hardware provider Fly. The network is protected with the WireGuard protocol and your personal data is encrypted twice before being stored in the database.
Any media data, like Memories and avatars (photos), are stored with our private, decentralized cloud storage provider Tigris. Your data is asymmetrically encrypted and then sent to Tigris where it is distributed around the world for faster speeds and optimal availability.
What happens if I forget my password?
If you forget your password and have not enabled our forgot password feature in your settings, then you won't be able to regain access to your account. We do not have the ability to reset your password due to the secure encryption of your account and its data.
If you have enabled the forgot password feature, then you can simply reset your password using your account email. We recommend that you use a password manager or save your password in a secure, private place so that you don't forget it.
What is the forgot password feature?
The forgot password feature gives you the ability to get back into your account should you forget your password. We created this feature to give you the choice between added convenience and increased security. Simply go to your account settings to enable/disable it at any time.
We recommend for most people that you enable the forgot password feature to ensure you don't get locked out of your account — your account and its data will still be protected with strong encryption.
I enabled the forgot password feature, what happens now?
When you enable it, we store a symmetrically encrypted copy of your password-derived key in our private, secure database. This enables the server to use your password-derived key to let you back into your account with a standard reset your password request email.
What happens when I disable the forgot password feature?
When you disable it, the symmetrically encrypted copy of your password-derived key is deleted from our database. This returns your account to its original asymmetric encryption — meaning only your password can let you back into your account and unlock your data.
How do I change my account password?
You can change your password any time from within your settings. Simply log in to your account and go to the "change password" section of your settings to make the change.